Friday, 2 October 2015

Project Sports and Games

There are many kind of sport that I like, but my favorite is swimming. I like it, because it gives me peace. With help of swimming you can get rid of negative energy and charge with positive, besides swimming helps to be healthy and have strong muscles. 
There are many types of swimming, but I can only swim the front crawl. The majority of the swimmers in freestyle use it because it provides the most speed. For swimming in this style, you must kick hard with your feet, while bringing your arms over your head and into the water one at a time. You must keep your body as straight as possible, in another case you will slowly swim down.
Besides the front crawl there are some other styles too, for example the backstroke. It has many similarities to the front crawl, except that you float on your back. You must begin this stroke by floating in the water with your lungs on the surface, but the rest of your body beneath the water. You must keep yourself horizontal as you move through the water, which you will achieve through your leg kicks.
Another style of swimming is the breaststroke. It uses a frog-style kick, where you bend your knees and then kick your legs out beneath the water. Your arm stroke begins with a sweep out from your breast and then a sweep in back to your breast.   
And the last one is the sidestroke. Although it not used in competition, but it is important for swimmers, because you can use it to rescue someone, since it only requires one arm. The stroke resembles picking apples, as you float on your side, and your strokes like picking and putting the apple into a basket. You can glide in between strokes, which allows you to move easily through the water while tugging along some person or thing.
There are some other styles too, but I think it isn’t important in how many styles can you swim, it is important how do you use it. In my view sport doesn’t only for entertainment, it is for health and rest too.

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