Monday, 19 January 2015

Being old

Old people, like children, need our love, care and attention. We must spend more time on them our , because when we were needed love and care, they gave us all we need it.
I think taking old people to old people's home is unjust, because for me it means,  that now we don't need them and we can live without them. But in many countries it is considered normal. For example in modern Western countries old people have a big problem: there is less and less contact between old and young people. In France people find handling of this problem combining a residential home for the elderly with a nursery school in the same building. I think in this case it is the best version and solution. Old people will feel themselves more important and young people will have wise friends, who will always be ready to help them.

Old people like children need our love, care and attention. We must give them more time from our life, because when we needed help and care they were always next to us and supported us.

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