Friday, 23 January 2015

Project 2: Human relations and friendship

                                      Teenagers and their problems
All people have problems, but teenagers have more problems, because sometime, they make problems for themselves.
One of the main problems of teenagrs is, that they dream a lot. They make world of their dreams and live there. They dream about fairy tales, but when they “return” to the real life and don’t find it, they become sad and lose ability to see the good in their surrounding. They begin to smile less, and if they smile, it is only because they do it by chance.
Sometimes teenagers want to be treated as adults and so they act and look like adults and if parents make remarks ore give them advice very often they are offended.
So I think, that the main problem of teenagers is that they don’t realize what they want in life. I think teenagers should distinctly decide what their ambition is in life and act to achieve it.

To conclude I would like to say, that we teenagers should consider that we are strong and confident, when we have our parents and friends next to us and will be easier for us to overcome all the difficulties together.  

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