Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A letter to Mariam

Hi Mariam,
How are you? Weren’t you ill? It was raining heavily, and you didn’t have an umbrella. Are you through your project about Iranian poetry? Is everything OK? Don’t forget to tell me when you will present it. I want to be present at the presentation, too. Will there be a workshop during it, too? How about your school lessons? Mine is ok. At last I have found some sources for my politics lesson’s project. I hope they will be useful.
I will take part in Avetiq Isahakayn’s flash mob, but I haven’t chosen a poem yet. There are many interesting poems, and I can’t choose which of them to learn. Have you already chosen a poem?
There are some problems with my schedule: on Wednesday I have mathematics and dancing at the same time and on Monday mathematics and grammar at the same time, too. I have to talk about it to Miss Marta.
Well, I have to go now. I must do jurisprudence homework. See you soon.

With love,   Ann.

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