Thursday, 29 October 2015

Types of communication

For me the best way of communication is face to face conversation. In this way you can see eyes of that person, with whom you are speaking and through his/her eyes, you can see the soul of his/her and things inside of it. You can fell things that only can be felt in this way. But now, I want to speak about another type of communication, which is more preferred for many people now than face to face conversation. It is communication by phone.
There were several scientists, who had different ideas about telecommunications, but the first practical telephone was invented by Al. Bell in 1876. This invention were done for helping people communicate with each other, even they can’t meet each other because of distance.
 It wasn’t like nowadays phones. It was much bigger and had cord. Its appearance has much changed. Now most of the phones are cordless and these types of phones are more used than phones with cords. People use them for everything: for calling, for instant messaging, for chatting, for taking photos, for playing games and etc. So they are used for everything and everywhere. Sometimes being in the same room, people don’t see each other or even they can speak with each other by social websites, instead of looking into each other’s eyes and have a hearty conversation. From other side it is helpful for those, who are ashamed, can’t speak looking on somebody’s eyes.
In my opinion it is important to communicate with other people, to have hearty conversations in real life, even if you are ashamed. If you don’t communicate with other people face to face, you will become a robot. you will lose human ability. Some day you will overcome it.
So everything has its good and bad sides, but if you use it within its borders, all things will be ok.

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