Saturday, 16 January 2016

Detour to romance

1. By whom is this story narrated? 
This story is narrated by man who works in the checkroom in Union Station.
2. Why had Tony made a study of the laws of probability? 
Tony had made a study of the laws of probability, because he liked to bet on the horse races.
3. Why had Harry first come to Union Station? 
Harry first had come to Union Station for meeting his girl.
4. For how many days did Harry continue to meet every train that arrived? 
Harry had been continuing to meet every train three or four           days.
5. Why was Harry unable to get in touch with May and why was she unable to get in touch with him?     
Harry was in town only two days and May hadn't given any address to him. They had misunderstood each other.
6. Where did Harry finally get a job? 
Harry was working a clerk for Tony.
7. What happened when Tony died? 
Tony’s widow left Harry incomplete charge of the magazine stand.
8. Did Harry succeed or fall in his business? 
Harry  succeeded in his business.
9. Did Harry cease to look for May or did he watch everyone who came up the stairs? 
Harry watched every person who came up to stairs.
10. How was the check-room man able to recognize May? 
Harry told about May. She was small and dark, nineteen years old and very neat in the way she walked.
11. What station did May mean three years ago? 
Three years ago May meant bus station.
12. Where had May been working? 
May had been working in Union Station, in the office of the stationmaster for typist.

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